Wellness treatments

Come and relax at Château Cihelny and let us take care of you. Our professional staff will help you to restore your lost vitality, energy and to boost your immune system. You will rediscover peace, life force and joy of life. Each therapy is a detailed ritual.

Classical massage

Our massages and wellness procedures will help you calm down your body, for example, after an extraordinary sporting performance. Classic massage removes fatigue and regenerates of the organism. It removes flaccidity, stiffness, shortening and soreness of the muscles. It helps to improve blood circulation and positively affects the lymphatic system. Classical massage is used to loosen tense muscles, which also relaxes stiff joints and leads to overall relaxation and well-being.

Aroma massages

A gentler option, in the form of an aroma massage, will be welcomed especially by women. The aroma massage can be also enjoyed by men. It will improve their mood for a possible business meeting. Choose the scent (aroma) that will help you get the right emotional mood you need. It is basically a combination of classic massage and aromatherapy using essential oils.

Massage with lava stones

The lava stone massage is a little longer but calm procedure. The combination is unforgettable. The lava stones will heat exactly the places you need, relax the muscles and loosen the vertebral discs. The duration of the lava stone treatment is entirely up to you, it depends on the resistance and needs of the organism.

Head and neck massage

Another very pleasant treatment is a head and neck massage, which helps relax muscles, improves blood circulation (especially in the scalp, where it can promote healthy hair growth) and helps lymph flow. It can relieve stress headaches, sinus problems, eye irritation and even jaw problems.

Coffee peeling

Body peelings are also part of the relaxing experience in our wellness centre. It is an excellent detox and cleansing. It is also a good start for the subsequent treatments. We have chosen the coffee peeling on purpose because coffee has a beneficial effect on our body. The caffeine optimizes blood circulation in the tissues, due to which the treated skin gets blood circulation and gets rid of unwanted toxins and other waste substances. Good blood circulation also successfully combats the appearance of cellulite, visible scars and other skin imperfections.

Honey peeling

The second ritual is the honey peeling. This is historically the best known and longest used procedure, that is getting popular again. It helps to detoxify, nourish and soothe the skin. This procedure is not recommended if you suffer from an allergy to honey.

Reflexology massage of the feet and legs

To finish the complete restoration of the body in terms of mental and physical aspects, we recommend Reflexology massage of the feet and legs. As the name implies, it is the compression of reflex points that affect the flow of lymph. Before this procedure, we will warm up the entire lower part of your feet with a green tea bath or Himalayan salt bath. You will be pleasantly surprised by the effect.