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One of the biggest attractions of Karlovy Vary is the nature. The Slavkovský les (protected landscape area) is a large forest complex, offering several marked hiking trails and nature trails. The local landscape is best explored by bicycle. This region also offers a unique experience for golf lovers. Beautiful natural scenery opens up at Svatošské skály, the route between Loket nad Ohří and Doubí in Karlovy Vary is popular with many cyclists and hikers. These unique granite rock formations are a national cultural monument. The poet J. W. Goethe found inspiration in them and they also appear in the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

The Ohře cycle path is one of the most popular routes. It follows on from the Valdštejn cycle path in Bavaria. Another popular cycling route is the Krušnohorská magistrála, which is also accessible to cross-country skiing enthusiasts in winter. From Karlovy Vary, the route leads through Kyselka to Andělská hora. You can see a beautiful view of the surroundings from the top there, including the local ruins of the Engelsburg castle.

Cycling brochure

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Tourist destinations and attractions in the surroundings

The destinations of the trips can be castles, palaces and ruins. The medieval Loket Castle offers visitors an exhibition of historical weapons, Gothic wall paintings and exhibits from the Loket collection. Special mention should be made of the Loket Castle Amphitheatre, where you can enjoy plenty of cultural experiences in summer. The state castle and chateau of Bečov nad Teplou offers many attractions. The rarest jewel is relikviář sv. Maura , the second most valuable monument in the Czech Republic after the Crown Jewels, with engravings dating from the 1st to 3rd century AD. In Bečov you can also visit the botanical garden, the toy museum or the moto museum.

The popular ski resort is located in the mountain village of Boží dar. Together with the nearby Klínovec ski resort, it offers skiers many downhill slopes of varying difficulty in winter. The wild nature of the mountains of Krušné hory is also perfect for hiking and cycling. The nature trail leading through the national nature reserve Božídarské peat bog is one of several options.

Families with children

If you are going on a trip with children, take the fairytale trail Baby Jesus Trail in Boží dar village. Active experiences are offered by the Children’s World in the Novako Ski Resort with mountain scooters and off-road carts rental. You can visit the rope park in the Plešivec area or observation tower overlooking Loket Castle. Our tip is Miniaturpark Bohemia in Mariánské Lázně.